COUSINS / by Micaela

Last weekend was a boisterous, slightly chaotic, totally wonderful weekend of cousins. My cousin Jamie, her hubby Ken, and their 3 kids came up from Philly and stayed in my neighbors vacant apartment, sacrificing any comfort and amenities to be as close to us as possible. Between us we had 5 kids 5 and under. The kids, Saire 5, Ronan (yes, very confusing) 3, and Declan 10 months are absurdly gorgeous and goofy and sweet. Roan trailed Ronan and Saire in endless circles of giddiness at the playground. Declan was inexplicably terrified of Gracie. Jamie and Ken indulged in real NYC bagels.

Saire was totally entranced with Lula. We explained to Saire that she had to keep her hands very clean so she religiously used hand sanitizer.  She asked endless questions about Lu.  We explained the G-tube, why she couldn't hold up her head why she didn't make any noise. Lula mostly slept through everything, a side effect of her new meds.  It was so amazing because even though Lula couldn't run with the kids or participate in anything they were doing, Saire made sure Lula felt noticed and special.  She tried to include her in any way she could. She always wanted to help us change her or give her tummy time or therapy.  She even let us try out the blood pressure cuff on her when it wouldn't work on Lula. It was so encouraging to me that Saire didn't just see her as a baby who couldn't do anything she was supposed to be doing, but as someone whose specialness was meant to be explored. 

Sunday we took all the kids to Extreme Kids where Lula had an OT session and the kids spun like a giant collective whirling dervish on the therapy swing.  The weekend culminated with a big group bath (minus Lu) that was more splashing than washing.

We literally did not stop moving for two days. Sunday night I was paralytic.  I felt as though I had run a marathon.  It was SUCH a blast and well worth the exhaustion.

Declan and Mom

Saire on the slide

Living room chaos




Lost shoe

Ronan swinging

New bath toy



End of the day collapse

Declan and Felix at Extreme Kids


Jamie and Declan

Sleeping beauty