KRAFTWERK / by Micaela

Sam has been crafting some custom made gifts for the kids in the studio.

Tiny wee skateboard


This is SO sweet but I am terrified.  I grew up in a thoroughly sport averse family.  My sister was by far the most athletic and she was a swimmer - not exactly a thrill-ride.  Sam, however, grew up in the country tearing up through the brush on 4-wheelers and throwing himself down a mountain on skis as soon as he could stand up.  I am not sure that I have the constitution to tolerate a daredevil of a kid.  Nonetheless, that appears to be what Roan is being groomed for.

Lula got an entirely different kind of present.  Lula's Physical Therapist has been really wanting to work with her standing so Sam devised this unit.  It's actually quite similar to ones that you can order through EI but it takes 3-4 months to get them.  I think this one is far more stylish, too.

It definitely has a slight Spanish Inquisition Rack vibe but I think the friendly animal blanket mitigates this. Actually, my first thought was that with some modifications we could totally dress Lula up as Hannibal Lecter with a straight jacket and a leather mask, but that may be a bit over the top.