CHAIR MASTER / by Micaela

The OT at Bellevue finally got in a demo model of the chair that she wants to order for Lula.  Sam took Lula over to give it a spin.

It's awesome.  It's fully customizable and adaptable and will grow with her until she is 5 years old.   It needs some help though; no matter how hard they try these medical devices all wind up looking like a cross between cheap Ikea office furniture and the creature from Aliens. It ain't pretty, but I think we can jazz it up.  I am imagining custom made covers in cute patterns, grosgrain ribbon, and maybe some christmas lights.

NB: We will NOT be getting this vomitous color of pink.

I was a bit skeptical at first that we would need this huge thing but the OT won me over.  Then after convincing us that we simply could not live without it we found out the catch; it will take the insurance company about 4 months to process the request.  Hopefully this will be Lula's New Years present.