We had what felt like a real weekend for the first time in ages.  Partly this is because Sam only worked for 3 hours on Saturday and nary a sausage on Sunday.

Saturday we went to the Flea to peruse the hipster oddities, then went to the playground for the afternoon.  Lula swung happily and Roan tooled around in the sprinklers.  We did baths and bedtime and left the kids with a sitter to join our friends Forest and Jordan for dinner.

They have this magical secret garden apartment off a teeny street in Carroll Gardens.  True to the awesomeness of our awesome friends they pulled out all the stops and made filet mignon.  We played a highly addictive game called Settlers of Catan until the wee hours of 1am.

Carnivorous heaven!

On Sunday Cecelia and Jason brought us bagels for brunch and Aggie joined us for more chatting and baby fun.  Feeling ambitious we packed up the 2 diaper bags, feeding pump and accessories, swim stuff, food, clothes, car seats, stroller, etc etc and caravanned it over to Tim and Elizabeth's for an afternoon in their back yard.  Charlie (the third twin, we like to call him) was in his modestly sized rainbow swimming pool that we gave him for his birthday, which I now refer to as the gay pride pool. We chilled, we chatted, we ate, we swatted mosquitoes and stopped Roan from trying to impale himself several times.

This would have been a fairly typical weekend pre-kids but now normalcy has become a treat. Sam and I have both vowed to work harder to build weekends like this in to our lives more.  It is so easy to put off relaxing, but it's a bit like putting off sleep; you can't make up for lost time later.