One of my college roommates and my very first friend at RISD, Whitney, is a painter. She is the girl who has lived the dream, who has become the artist we were all hoping to be when we were 18.  She sort of has that rare and perfect combination of talent and slightly wacky adventurousness which I constantly miss because she is now LA based.  

Yesterday we received a box with Whitney's telltale handwriting and in it were two paintings made especially for Roan and Lula.  She dedicated each one on the back.

The paintings are perfect.  They are birds, which explode with color and texture on smooth skies of luminous citron and red.

Lula's Painting

Roan's Painting
(NB:  My crappy photos totally do not do these paintings justice, but they give you an idea)

 We have been hemming and hawing about what artwork to put up in the kids rooms since I was a nesting lunatic back in my preggo days, but we could never commit to a plan so the walls have been bare.  We decided to put the paintings up immediately so we wouldn't over think it.

They are divine and I love that my kids will grow up always looking at them.