It was a banner day here at the Walker Murray house.  Started the day with a temperature for Lula, who had spent the night sans dysmotility meds due to a pharmacy snafu.  Not sure if the temp and lack of meds were related but neither helped the other.  Whenever Lula gets a temperature my heart leapfrogs up into my throat and my stomach drops to my ankles and they both stay there until she's back to normal.  Rounds of Albuterol, Ibuprofen, a little supplemental O2, cool washcloths, plus lots of fussing, lots of rocking, and a little singing. (By the way - a little aside. I totally underestimated the usefulness of singing with babies, for the baby but also for the parent.  It drowns out screams, regulates your breathing, and does wonders to calm you down by distracting you with visions of farm animals.)

The fever put an end to my ambitious plan for the day, which was to go to the grocery store. So much for leaving the house. 

Then our sitter Sacha, who is awesome and such a great energy to have around, was giving Roan a bath when I heard a splash, a cry, and a howl and Sacha came running into the kitchen looking alarmed and holding a bloody faced and wet little boy.  He had managed to spread the blood all over himself so he resembled Heath Ledger as The Joker and he got a good amount on Sacha just for added effect.

Turns out his new front teeth cut the inside of his lip, which instantly went all Angelina Jolie on him. We cleaned him off and gave him a lemonade and blueberry pop which worked wonders.

You shoulda seen the other guy
Crisis averted we moved on to the next catastrophe, which was that Lula's meds still hadn't arrived.  I called UPS and they claimed they tried to deliver it but no one was home.  I was fuming.  I have scarcely left this house in over a year.  I spent an hour on the phone.  The people were so robotic.  I know it is so foolish to get angry at other people for not caring about your problems, but I was pretty amazed that a sick 13 month old baby did not seem to elevate their efforts one iota.

In the end we tracked the package down and Sam had to haul his ass up to Maspeth to get the drugs.  He then went back to the studio, where he still is now at 12:20am.  He has been working like a maniac trying to keep on top of all of his various projects and a detour to Queens was not on the agenda.

But now the babies are asleep, Lula is back to normal temp, and I am going to go collapse.
Nighty night!