SLEEP NO MORE / by Micaela

Last night Sam and I went with 27 friends to what I can only describe as an "experience" called Sleep No More.  It is 3 hours where you are submerged in another world completely outside of the one you normally inhabit.  That world is Macbeth meets The Shining meets Vertigo meets hallucinogenic mushrooms.  For those of you who are neither faint of heart nor weak of knee I would highly recommend going.

I was physically and mentally tapped out, however, and slept fitfully with a sour stomach (this was likely due to a dinner of pork dumplings and lobster rolls from the High Line food trucks, but nevermind). I woke up feeling disjointed.  Sometimes the problem with letting go for a few hours is that the reentry into my real life can be jarring. 

Lula had an eye appointment at Bellevue today so off we went and my mom stayed with Roan.  We got to Bellevue at 1:30 and it did not look good. The waiting room was full and the receptionist was already defensive before I even opened my mouth.  "There are 14 people ahead of you so I have no idea when the doctor is going to see you".  Then she added "this is a public hospital so that's how it goes".  i.e. If you have no money your time isn't worth anything either. Fabulous!  Welcome back to my real life.

The appointment went great, though.  The doctor examined Lula's eyes and dilated them with drops (Fun fact of the day: Blue eyes dilate faster than brown eyes because they have less pigment.) She was looking for some disease that the geneticist thought might have caused the demylenation and she didn't find it.  It's so rare for Lula to have a doctor's appointment where they say "Everything looks great! See you in six months", so I truly savor the times I don't leave Bellevue in tears. As an added bonus she slept in the cab both ways with no fussing at all.

When we got home my mom was still out with Roan, who had failed to take a nap for more than half an hour.  I don't know what it is but whenever my mom is here Roan's naptime evaporates.  This was the first nonstop Roan marathon day for my mom since she was on vacation and since Roan learned how to walk. She was asleep by 7:58pm. Sleep tight mom.