It is absurdly hot here.  It was 104 degrees today.  It is 11:00 at night right now and it is 87 degrees. 87 DEGREES!! It was so hot that when I took Roan to swim in the pool across the street today the water was too warm.  It felt like a giant bathtub.

Lula has the right idea and is keeping her movements to a minimum.  OK she often keeps her movements to a minimum, but this right here, believe it or not, is a therapy exercise.  She is trying to stay upright.  Sometimes she reminds me a little bit of a tree sloth.  I personally think tree sloths are adorable.

Roan started to drift off in his swing as soon as I took him outside.  He dozed like a drunken hobo in a hammock.  Pardon the shaky camerawork, by the way,  I was standing in a bush.