CARRY ON / by Micaela

After months where this blog served as a reservoir for a flood of thoughts and emotions, I have felt a bit at a loss as to what to write of late. I am trying to process things, to grasp ideas so much larger than anything I have ever been confronted with before that I don't yet have any words.

So, I have been looking to the thoughts and words of others. Sam gave me a book for Mother's Day which went along with some coffee mugs I got from my mom for Christmas, all bearing the now ubiquitous slogan from Britain during WWII, "Keep Calm and Carry On". The title is an apt goal for this house, but my favorite quote in the book is this one:

Always be kind,
For everyone
Is fighting a
Hard battle.

- Plato

I have the sense that we keep from each other our deepest pain because it seems out of place in our day to day lives, but in protecting our pain we collectively do each other a great disservice. Pain is only exacerbated by loneliness.

There is nothing I can do to change Lula or our situation. All I can do is share it and share her with the world and hope that others feel she has a place in this world even if it's in a way no one has understood before.

I would like to ask anyone who is reading this who wants to to share their dark moments and/or how they found a way through them in the comments section. You can be anonymous, you can reveal all or no details, but please share what you think will help me and others who are trying to get through a really hard battle.

Thank you