GI JANE / by Micaela

We had a very good appt with Lula's gastroenterologist today.  Lula is now 14 pounds 8.5 ounces and I can't remember what height but Dr. Millman actually described it as a growth spurt! She's still below the growth curve, but less below it.  She's been spitting up so much less in the past 6 weeks or so and I guess it's all gone straight to her hips.

Let me wax admiringly on Dr. Millman for a moment.  I can't imagine that too many people who spend half a million dollars on medical school are too jazzed about the idea of being glorified plumbers (she herself even says that in order to be a GI you have to love poop!) but she is so utterly brilliant and dedicated.  She had a medical student with her today who asked her what test was best to determine if a patient has dysmotility and her answer was "a really good and thorough history",  meaning the best test was to sit down and talk with the patient about their health problems in great detail, and the medical student was like "wow, I've never heard any other doctor say that before".  And honestly this is truly the difference.  We spend about an hour with her going through every detail of Lula's GI issues every six weeks or so. She emails me links to support groups, listens to me bitch about the G-tube, and humors me when I ask for organic vitamins.  She's encouraging and optimistic without sugar-coating anything.  When she disagrees with something another doctor says regarding Lula she is so articulate in explaining why and I usually think she's right.

She was actually late to our appointment today because she was up in pediatrics getting her ankle bandaged up.  When I asked her what happened to her ankle she said that all 5 foot 1 inches of her got a little carried away playing basketball yesterday and she sprained it. Somehow, that made me like her even more.

We are going to start Lula on a new food regimen over the next couple of weeks which will hopefully give us more time during the day to leave the house and will also give Lula a chance to feel hungry and therefore want to eat more by mouth.  Wish us luck!