Some of you may wonder why there is a distinct lack of pictures of Roan and Lula together.  Well, let me confess.

I am a photographer.  I got my first camera at 12 years old. I went to a very expensive private art school and studied photography as my major.  I have been a photo editor for 10 years since then.  Sam was also a photo major. We first met over some negatives on a light table at the art school in Glasgow, for God's sake.

One would think that this would have prepared us to photograph our own children, but no.  In the past 11 months I have tried and failed again and again and concluded that it is impossible to get the two of them to look good in the same photo.

Never mind that I rarely have a free hand or second to even attempt photos of them together. But in the rare opportune moment I am always defeated by two uncooperative subjects.  Separately they are very photogenic, I think. Put them together and I have Sean Penn and Björk.

Think I am being a bit dramatic? Behold:
OK not bad but it only goes downhill from here
A bit serious, aren't we?
It's not long before one of them gets pissed off - usually Lula
Even the dog is dismayed
Honestly?  Now you're both going to cry?  OK let's put you on the bed...
...OK now we've reached operatic proportions of unhappiness

Not into matching outfits at all
I give up.  Grandma can have you both