MARMITE / by Micaela

We here in the Walker/Murray household are extremely divided on the subject of Marmite.  For anyone who doesn't know what Marmite is Sam would describe it as a delicious spread that you lather on buttered toast and eat with your tea.  I would describe it as a foul smelling jar in my cupboard filled with gunk that tastes like a smoothie of stale vitamins and molasses.

Sam's side of the family, being wholly patriotic, are all pro-Marmite. It gets more complicated on my side because my stepmom Cam is a Brit and therefore pro-Marmite too, so team Walker has a traitor in it's midst. Cam used to have a newspaper clipping on her fridge, in fact, about a study that showed that you had to start feeding someone Marmite regularly before age two or it was unlikely that they would ever like it.  I believe this is called brainwashing.

But as Roan will literally eat anything he can get his hands on we thought a little Marmite on toast was worth a go.

Reluctant but curious

...Yeah, not convinced. Although he ate a ton of it.