HOME ALONE / by Micaela

I made an appointment to get my hair done today (i.e. hide the gray) several weeks ago and warned Sam that he would have to get himself backup, but in the end he decided to go it alone with both babies for the entire afternoon.  I think the longest I have lasted with both of them by myself is about 2 hours, although I'm pretty sure I had lost the will to live after about 45 minutes.

Some people probably think that sounds insane - to always need reinforcements with just two kids. I can't imagine what Lula's namesake, my great grandmother who had 12 kids including triplets, would think of my wimpiness.  I am willing to bet that she never hired a delightful Pratt student to babysit her kids in Mississippi.  Truthfully, much of the time it's fairly manageable, except when it's not, and then it's unbearable. Lula always wants to be held,  Roan always wants to move, and when they both need to sleep or eat there is literally no way for one person to do it all at once.

Things started well. Mid-highlights I got these two photos from Sam. He took both kids to the park - one in the stroller the other strapped to his torso like a devout Brooklyn dad.

Both asleep?! What a showoff! I think he was quite chuffed with himself at first, but by 5:00 he was getting desperate.  I got home at 6:00 and he looked pretty frazzled.  But both kids are still alive and my hair looks fabulous.