We've had the good fortune to have a relay race of grandparents here the past couple of weeks.

First my dad and stepmom came to visit. Grandpa Terry spent two full days here with me and the twins, more childcare than he's endured in the last 20 odd years. I believe he even changed a diaper or two. I've never seen him look more exhausted and happy at the same time. My stepmom Cam, who once claimed to have no interest in children under age three has been completely converted and is utterly besotted, although I am pretty sure she managed to skirt any diaper changing duties.

Then just as they were leaving Sam's mom arrived.  She giddily took Roan, a little firecracker of energy at 6:30am, so we could sleep until 9:00am every morning. She held one or another of the kids pretty much nonstop, or else she was buying them presents, cooking, or folding mountains of laundry. She tackled baths, explosive nappies, and naptime.  She even danced around the living room with the laundry basket on her head to entertain Roan. 

A couple of times my mom came over too, and I hardly had to lift a finger. Sam and I went out to dinner.  I went to the gym.  I got a manicure.  I seriously haven't been this relaxed since they were born. 

So let's hear it for grandparents! Only they would think of this kind of indentured servitude as a vacation.