Perhaps day 2 of gloomy fogginess already had me in a funk, but I just lost it on the woman at our medical supply company, who has yet again sent us the wrong thing.

We have a fairly endless need for medical supplies and I am repeatedly amazed at how many orders are flubbed, how often we get the wrong type, size, style, etc of whatever it is we need. I have had consistently better service with If only they delivered feeding bags! Seriously, anyone reading this work there?

Last week we were supposed to get a small portable oxygen tank. This is only in the case of a dire emergency, where we could give Lula oxygen while on the way to the ER. Instead we got 4 huge tanks with a wheeling stand. Really? I can just imagine the scene - Sam wrestling with a 4 ft tall oxygen tank that's tethered to Lula while we try to race to the hospital!

We also seem to get everything in quantities of 200, even if we only need, say, 5. I have enough suction catheters to clean out the airways of everyone in Fort Greene through the next cold season.

It's bad enough that my poor kid is sick and endlessly having to be suctioned, poked, prodded etc, and that our living room, despite our best efforts looks like an ER. It really, really sucks that she has a plastic tube in her tummy to eat. And worst of all that none of this looks like it's going away anytime soon. But to be treated like you are just another schmuck in line at the DMV when you are trying to manage all of the equipment that is keeping your baby alive is just another indignant reminder of how unfair life is sometimes, in the smallest of ways.