Sam and I took out very first full day off together today. 

I remember my mom telling me years ago about the first time she and my dad went out together after I was born and I was 6 months old and they went to see a play but my mom kept running out to the lobby to call the sitter and I remember thinking "oh my god what lunatics - 6 months?? How could they not have gone out sooner?? What uptight first time parents, blah blah, etc etc". Yet somehow the past 10 and 1/2 months literally slipped through our fingers and even my masterful planning skills were not able to find a single day that we two could be away sans kids for more than 3 hours. 

Today, however, we spent 7 blissful hours at Spa Castle which is like a Korean Disneyland for adults. 5 floors of saunas, hot tubs, outdoor pools, steam rooms, masseuses, beauty treatments, nap rooms, big bowls of korean stew, and bubble tea. It's like being cocooned in warm air and water for the day and emerging scoured, scrubbed, soothed, and amazingly relaxed.  Since it's unlikely that we will be going on any vacations anytime soon knowing that it only takes an occasional trip to northern Queens to be reborn is inspiring.

We are already plotting our next trip there.