A GOOD DAY / by Micaela

Today was a good day. I got to sleep in (until 9am woo hoo!) We had a new night nurse last night named Perpetue (!) who seems to be both competent at her job and really sweet and good with Lula.

Lula had occupational therapy with Loreto, who is awesome. Our sitter Kia, who we love and is effortlessly good at everything with the kids, got Roan to take a 2 hour nap. Lula gnawed on a carrot and had a bit of sweet potato (not back to full on feeding therapy until she is 100% well). I did a bunch of chest PT on her and used the suction machine to Hoover a bunch of gunk out of her nose, which is both gross and extremely satisfying.

I put Roan in a ridiculous getup of 1970s overall bloomers and stripey shirt. I tried wearing Lula in the me tai carrier and she totally dug it which is great since the girl tends to hate all forms of transport except for my arms. We all went for a walk in which Lula only mildly freaked out every time there was a gust of wind.

Sam managed to get some work done in the studio and when he came back we skyped with Sam's mom and sister and then skyped with my sister. Sam stayed with Lula for another tube feeding and Roan and I went to the park and swung on the swings and slid down the slide. Lula crashed and has been sleeping for hours and Roan has just fallen asleep and its only 7:15.

All in all everything went perfectly, the schedule was kept, the medicines were administered, the breast milk was pumped, the poops were changed, there were absolutely no meltdowns, panics, major vomits, minor fevers, or anything else.

And yet even on this easiest of days I only managed to leave the house for about an hour in total, and I just realized that I never brushed my teeth.