A FRIEND IN DEED / by Micaela

I have always been incredibly lucky with friends. I mean really, really lucky.  And since birthing twins has put me under a de facto house arrest, I have been pretty much dependent on them coming to me.

We have had the most remarkable trail of friends and family come to the house to see the babies and feed us, like an endless parade of the Three Wise Men bearing gifts of baked goods, ice cream, and entire three course meals. I blame the baby weight on the steady supply of carbs being brought my house rather than the actual babies.

There have been a couple of people, however, who have literally had to scrape my brain up off the floor and pour it back into my skull, and then feed me coffee and Oreos, and they are Cecelia and Aggie.  They have hung out in multiple hospital rooms, learned how to flush a G-tube, laughed at my ridiculous breast pumping bra, and listened to the endless minutae of my life with limitless patience.  I never go more than a week without at least one of them coming to visit.

Truer friends I could never have asked for. Truly.

Cecelia and Lula doing physical therapy

Aggie doing some weight lifting