FILM FORUM / by Micaela

My usual taste in movies runs to the serious and depressing, but when I am down to my very last nerve of sanity after a full day of twins, or a full week in the ICU with a pneumonic baby, I need something light and escapist.
However, I hate, hate, hate crappy movies, so I have compiled a list of movies that are perfect for forgetting that, say, your daughter has a mysterious genetic syndrome if only for 90 minutes or so, without rotting your brain.

Keep these in mind for your next personal crisis:

The Odd Couple  - I actually watched this in the ICU at Cornell and it is perfect, literally the perfect comedy
Kung Fu Hustle - Crouching Tiger meets Wyle E. Coyote
Withnail and I -
Very, very British cult classic with a hilariously drunk Richard E. Grant
Little Miss Sunshine -
Alan Arkin as a hysterically inappropriate Grandpa 
Sleeper - Woody Allen's absurd futuristic comedy where he runs around with a giant stalk of celery
Blake Edwards orgy filled ode to 1980's Hollywood excesses
The Big Lebowski -
Coen brothers, bowling, and The Dude
Dirth Rotten Scoundrels -
Plot is a bit cheesy but it's worth seeing just for Ruprecht
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work - She is really something
The Producers (not the musical) - Zero Mostel and his little old ladies
Best in Show - Dog shows are so far removed from my real life (our dog is lucky if she gets a walk)

Movies to Avoid

Terms of Endearment
Lorenzo's Oil
The Sweet Hereafter
Anything where anyone gets sick or dies