For a guy who has worn pretty much the same uniform since I met him in 1997 (mildly ironic or graphic band t-shirt, zip up hoodie, slouchy jeans, clumpy trainers) Sam is pretty eclectic when it comes to dressing Lula. He sends these photos to me, tauntingly, at work. I suppose he probably didn't get to dress up dolls as a kid, and we won't have too long to put them in whatever getup he chooses without protests from the kids so he might as well enjoy it while he can.
Vivien Westwood meets Eddie Munster
That "Ms." t-shirt was mine. SO seventies, no?
Note the cable ties on her ankles to keep her booties on
The little CBGBs top is from when my sister worked there before it closed
Punk Rock Princess. Her hairstyle reminded me of someone...
...oh yes