Long before these two came along there was Gracie, who was the center of the Walker/Murray universe. My parents called her their "grandpuppy" and she was showered with walks and cuddling and attention and love. Now she is a walking hazard, something to potentially trip over while holding an infant or two, as well as a rather irritating doorbell echo (we actually got a new doorbell but that didn't outsmart her for long).

Luckily she has weathered her newfound neglect pretty well and hasn't taken it out on the anyone.  Now that Roan can crawl and has become grabby she is quick to keep at least 2 feet between him and her,  but with Lula she is the opposite.  This could be that since Lula has a weak vocal chord she is the quietest one in the family, but I really actually think Gracie feels like Lula needs a bit of backup. 

Gracie's napping spot of choice

With Grandma Cam