INTRODUCING / by Micaela

Remember this?  This was our birth announcement (an email, we never got around to doing printed ones) They are so much bigger now!

introducing our wee man weighing in at 6lbs, 19" long, born June 11th 2010 at 11:37am

Roan Douglas Walker Murray

our little lady weighing in at 5lbs, 3oz, 18.5" long, born June 11th 2010 at 11:39am

Lula Neave Walker Murray

a brief history of their names -

Roan: an island off the north coast of Scotland where Sam's folks have a croft (scottish cottage). the picture attached shows the west side of Roan on the right with the croft in the foreground.

Douglas: Micaelas' grandfather was called Ira Douglas Odgers, Sam's father is Douglas Neil Toler Murray and his grandfather was Thomas Prain Douglas Murray.

Lula: Micaelas' great-grandmother was Tallie Lula Davis (called Lula). She lived on a farm in Mississippi and had 12 children, including triplets...

Neave: also an island near the croft. it's around the headland from Roan, smaller and has a beautiful little beach and remains of a church.