DOING BETTER / by Micaela

Lula is now off of oxygen and breathing room air.  They are going to take out her catheter, but they have called a surgeon to do it since it was put in via incision in her ankle.  She is taking all her feeds really well and PT and OT came and worked with her this morning. We are seeing the little Lula that we all know and love come back into her face.

To add to our collection of home hospital equipment, we are being sent home with an oxygen machine so that if something like this ever happens again (and let's hope it doesn't) we will be a bit better prepared.  If all goes well tonight she will be going home tomorrow.

The nurse today is a bit of a flake so I am having to double check everything she does, but otherwise everyone here has been great.
Lula with her monkey from Auntie Aggie

Gorgeous view of East River and Queensboro Bridge at dusk

Crazy rigged IV that Methodist had to put in (it went into her bone). Everything is impressively improvised in hospitals

Lula sans oxygen