ASAGOHAN / by Micaela

I believe this means "breakfast" in Japanese. Obviously Japan is on all our minds and, given recent events, I have yet again recalibrated in my mind what it means to be "lucky" or "unlucky".

This photo is of Lula's breakfast feeding therapy session, which I prepared in the way we had our breakfast at the wonderful Ryokan we stayed at in Kyoto 2 years ago, which is to say in lots of little dishes.  Lula has oatmeal, milk, pears and even a little cinnamon. The little dish is also from Kyoto.

We do twenty minutes of feeding therapy total with Lula sitting in her chair. We use a straw, a spoon, and a little cup, alternately. She is best with the spoon but the straw is growing on her.  She is still only taking about 20 mls of food by mouth (less than half an ounce) but she enjoys it and she is now happy to be fed in the chair which she wouldn't do even 2 weeks ago.

Here's to progress in tiny increments against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Lula ready for breakfast